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The littledeath Team

The littledeath Team


Kasey Renee Shaw

Kasey is a graduate from Ohio University where she studied English—now, she is an MFA student studying Creative Nonfiction at West Virginia University. Previously, she was an academic librarian and a poetry judge for the 2019 Bisexual Book Awards.

To contact Kasey directly, e-mail

Richard Morrissette

Richard is an Ohio University graduate with double majors in Screenwriting & Producing and Spanish. He spends his days working in commercial film but writes and edits in order to stave off existential dread. Richard heads art and fiction submissions at littledeath.

To contact Richard directly, e-mail

Lara Wehling

Lara is an Ohio University graduate with an English degree which she puts to great use making fancy coffee at her day job. Her true passions are writing and editing, however, which she has plenty of time to do as the Head Editor at littledeath.

To contact Lara directly, e-mail

Tess Greweling

Tess Greweling is a screenwriting and producing grad from Ohio University. She's currently serving as a video production intern at Barking Squirrel Media, LLC and is in the midst of writing a dramatic television pilot. She's excited to join the littledeath team and can't wait to reconnect with her creative narrative roots.