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Schrodinger's Virginity

Schrodinger's Virginity


     The first time Elizabeth has sex is with a girl, so she isn’t sure if that counts or not. The girl in question, Grace, is Elizabeth’s best friend and also her church pastor’s daughter, and one of those facts makes Elizabeth feel better than the other. In fact, Elizabeth feels rather uncomfortable, laying flat on her back, naked with tacky fingers and the backs of her knees damp with sweat and the skin of her bicep clinging to the skin of her friend/ pastor’s daughter’s bicep. She feels uncomfortable with the Schrodinger-like state of her virginity. If she had sex, but that sex was with a girl, is it both sex and not sex?

    Elizabeth brings this dilemma up to Grace who is quiet for one second, and then two, before sitting up and twisting her torso so she can look down into Elizabeth’s face and say, “Are you serious, Elizabeth? You know what we just did, and you’re worried about whether you’re still technically a virgin or not?”

    And then she flops back down onto her back and closes her eyes. Her mouth moves as if in some kind of silent prayer. Elizabeth closes her eyes too, but she can still feel her fingers beginning to dry together like glue, and it’s distracting. She prays for an answer to Schrodinger’s Virginity, but she suspects that Grace is praying for something else.

Mac Bowers is a senior Creative Writing student at Susquehanna University. When she isn't experiencing frequent bouts of existential crisis, she enjoys writing weird stories and talking about Scotland while sipping on far too many cups of coffee. Other works of hers can be found in F(r)iction and RiverCraft. Her online musings can also be found on Twitter @macmusings_